ValueEdge – The Company

ValueEdge Consulting was founded in 1992 by our three directors; Wayne Regan, Peter Davidson and Rod McGregor.

Our Mission

ValueEdge Consulting helps managers who want to improve their business. We help improve productivity and select & develop their people. We use our consulting and psychology experience to provide advice, solutions and training.

We are successful in our role because of our practical approach to improving organisational performance, combined with our intimate understanding of behaviour and motivation.


The ValueEdge team is united by our common desire to:

  • Partner with our clients to deliver results and relationships our clients want and value
  • Be innovative, challenged and stimulated by our work
  • Support each other, particularly in seeking solutions to problems
  • Enjoy our work


Our work is based on elements we consider essential for organisational success:

  1. Direction – clear purpose and definition of success
  2. Processes & Resources – effective processes & methods
  3. People & Leadership – capable people
  4. Alignment – alignment of purpose, processes and people
  5. Culture – a culture that focuses on results and relationships
  6. Innovation & Continuous Improvement– innovation and continuous development of people and improvement of processes
  7. Results – targets are met


The company operates throughout Australia and Asia from our base in Melbourne.