Psychological assessment

We provide advice and assessment of talent, motivation and culture fit for recruitment and development for all roles. Our psychologists use the most valid and reliable assessment tests for our assessment centres, for behavioural analysis, and for measurement of organisational culture.

Our services include:

  • Advising on assessment methods and tools
  • Selecting people best suited to a role, or for training
  • Gaining objective measures of strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying culture and team fit
  • Assessing leadership capability
  • Providing information for coaching and development purposes
  • Training people in assessment techniques and behavioural interviewing

We use the assessment tests to provide objective and relevant information on comparison of individuals against set criteria, prediction of their future performance, and likelihood of job success and satisfaction.

ValueEdge’s Psychological Assessment services include:


Benefits of professional assessment support include:

  • The right people in the role
  • Identification of roles that maximise the value of staff
  • Objective measures of strengths and weaknesses of staff
  • Reduced turnover by increased individual and job fit
  • A professional image by use of best practice techniques
  • Minimised the risk of discrimination claims