Productivity improvement

Organisations face pressure to innovate, adapt business models, improve productivity, and contain costs. Utilising our experience and processes in Productivity Improvement may offer great benefits to your organisation.

We help develop, guide and support reviews and improvement to structure, systems and processes; deliver breakthroughs in productivity improvement; and encourage innovation.

The ValueEdge approach is a structured facilitated process using the knowledge and creativity of a multi-disciplinary team from within the organisation. This process builds cost awareness, customer requirements awareness, the need for hard data to make decisions, and an understanding of how business processes cut across organisational boundaries. Our process helps the team challenge the status quo to improve how things are done.

We encourage the participants in the process to step out of the current way of doing things, to envisage a new and better view of what could be. In doing so we balance creativity and innovative thinking with structured processes and analysis.

ValueEdge has successfully applied these methods over three decades in areas such as:

• Improving productivity

• Aligning processes to organisational strategy

• Simplifying processes and reducing waste, cycle time and duplication

• Increasing understanding of customer requirements

• Reviewing and improving organisational structure

• Improving engineering design and construction projects

• Resolving complex and dividing issues

• Facilitating the development and successful management of industrial relations strategies

• Setting future agenda and strategic direction

We have facilitated hundreds of teams focussing on improving value and delivering innovative improvements with savings measured in hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our compliance and risk management business focuses on power, utilities and engineering industries.

Our customers cover a diverse range of organisations including health, power, construction, and utilities; private businesses and government departments & agencies.