Organisational development

A strong people and organisational development culture improves productivity, loyalty, staff retention, and strengthens organisations.

Our team of specialist Management Consultants and Psychologists design and deliver programs and strategies based on practical development actions, so that people develop the required job competencies and behaviours to ensure success for themselves and their organisation.

We provide advice, service delivery and training in the following Organisational Development areas:

  • Strategy Management – including strategic analysis, strategic choice and strategy implementation
  • Leadership Development – combining an intimate and practical understanding of business and psychological theory in developing an approach to meet leadership challenges
  • Cultural and Organisational Change – strategies that engage all those affected and support the transition to new behaviours and work practices
  • Performance Management – customised programs designed to support your vision and business plans. To ensure successful implementation of the process, we also develop and conduct tailored training for your managers and staff
  • Coaching – enabling integration of new skills and behaviours as part of tailored training programs or development centres, or as a stand-alone service
  • Team Building – an effective way of bringing team members together to explore current patterns of functioning, reasons behind such patterns and ways to improve the team’s overall performance
  • Succession Planning – development of comprehensive programs to ensure that when an employee moves on or up, there is someone ready to step in and accept the challenges of the role
  • Job Analysis and Skills Mapping – to define the required roles and the competencies needed, assess existing staff competencies and distinguish the strengths and skill gaps of people
  • Capability Audits – to gain insight into the culture and capability of the workforce against specific competencies.