Personality Profiling

What makes your people tick?

When selecting a person for a job sometimes we would like to know more about them than we are able to glean from a one hour interview.

Or, when managing people, sometimes we would like to know more about what drives and motivates them so we can assist in their development path.

Using personality profiling helps us to know more about how people relate to others, how they think, how they deal with their emotions and what motivates them. Personality profiles are tools that allow us to gather this information in an objective way.

There are a range of instruments that allow you to assess an individual’s preferred work style, personal attributes and motivations. These instruments include:

  • Work style preference questionnaires
  • Personality questionnaires
  • Motivational questionnaires
  • Team style questionnaires

ValueEdge has access to a range of such tools and a group of trained and experienced psychologists to help you administer and interpret these profiles.

We use personality profiles to give you more insight into your people’s strengths and areas for improvement for both selection and development.

We can talk you through the results, provide you with a written report or we can develop tailored interview questions around an individual’s profile for your use in interview.