Performance Management


Managing the performance of employees is arguably the most critical task in a manager’s role and is also an issue that is crucial to the successful functioning of any organisation. Yet in many organisations performance management is either ignored or implemented poorly.

The two biggest drawbacks to the success of this key function are:

  • Problems with the design of the performance management system
  • Lack of the appropriate skills of supervisors and managers

ValueEdge has designed systems for international and Australian companies to ensure that the systems and drivers support the company’s vision and business plans.

In conjunction with this development, we have also designed and conducted the training of managers and staff to ensure the implementation of the process.

The benefits to the organisations involved have included:

  • True alignment between the business plan and the goals of individual employees
  • Better understanding by employees of their contribution to the business
  • Better communication between supervisors/managers and their employees
  • Clarity in what is expected of employees
  • Significant reductions in the number of appeals (from 50 to 1 in one organisation)
  • Fair systems for employees with predictable financial outcomes for the organisation