Leadership Development

ValueEdge Consulting approaches Leadership Development by combining an intimate and practical understanding of business and psychological theory to tailor an approach to meet your organisation’s leadership challenge.

Leaders are those with integrity, intellect, vision, courage, a sense of reality and an acute awareness of the impact their behaviour has on those around them.

Customised Approach

Our customised approach focuses on supporting those already in, or progressing to leadership roles, to gain meaningful and practical insights into:

  • Leadership and Management – What is it?
  • Who will people follow, and why? – The Australian Leadership Model
  • My impact as a leader and how it happens
  • The dynamics of culture and change
  • Strategy and how to use it

In developing a leadership program to meet your needs we will draw upon a range of instruments and techniques including:

  •  Self Awareness Inventories
  • 360 Degree Feedback Tools
  • Leadership Laboratories
  • Individual Coaching
  • Face to face workshops
  • Syndicate Learning
  • Project based application

ValueEdge recommends that a Leadership Development Program incorporate a real opportunity for participants to work on projects that will influence the strategic direction of the organisation. This ensures maximum engagement from participants and a valuable opportunity for participants to develop and stretch their skills.