Managing Industrial Relations

The manner in which a company manages its industrial relations can have a significant effect on company profits and, equally as important, its reputation and “brand” in the market place.

It is important that the company approach to this issue is both strategic and long term in its focus.

Loss of company profits, sabotage of plant operations, work place bans and disruptions can often be the result of a poorly managed industrial relations program.

Sometimes these events are difficult and costly to control, but proactive industrial relations strategies can often avoid or reduce the impact of these events.

ValueEdge has an experienced industrial relations consultant who can assist companies by:

  • Helping develop appropriate industrial relations programs
  • Assisting in strategically placing the company in a position of preparedness before major industrial relations Agreements are due for re-negotiation
  • Assisting in developing interventionist strategies to reduce the impact of industrial relations issues that are currently in progress
  • Providing consultancy advice and assistance in workplace IR conflict resolution, be it at company level, or at an individual employee/supervisor level
  • Assisting in the drafting of replacement or new Industrial Relations Agreements

Graham Broomfield