Directions Study

Knowing where to put your energy to see your team or organisation grow can be overwhelming at times. Being sure you are on the right track or dealing with the right issues can become blurred by the day to day demands of business. This can result in the investment of time and energy into improvement initiatives only to realise the key issue is not being addressed after all.

‘Directions’ is a considered process that provides a clear picture of the organisation as seen by its leadership team. It creates a snap shot of where there is consistency and where perspectives differ.

Through the process of a 3 hour work shop, our team will facilitate a self-assessment of the business against seven key criteria of success. From these results we will share the key considerations to move towards a stronger organisation.

We then take this self-assessment and draw on our 25 years of experience working with business leadership to provide a clear set of recommendations on where to focus and what to do next.


Who will benefit?

Managers who:

  • can see issues but are unsure where to start or how to articulate their needs
  • are in change and want to know how they are progressing against their goals
  • are unsure if they are doing the right things
  • are doing well but are looking for ways to improve and further strengthen their organisation
  • want to get a feel for how their people see the organisation, and want clarity about what is going on in their organisation
  • want a strategic analysis of their business

The value of using our Directions Study:

  • Quick – 3 hour workshop, followed by analysis, report and recommendation
  • Fixed price of $3,200 plus GST
  • Highly interactive and engaging
  • Includes quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Involves the key leadership team
  • Reflects how the leadership team see the organisation
  • Provides a structured recommendation on what to do next


Directions has been built using an extensive body of knowledge and research about organisational performance, including:

  • The Australian Leadership Model developed by psychologist Dr John Evans (2000)
  • Edgar Schein’s model of Organisational Culture (2004)
  • Dennis Organ’s model of Organisational Citizenship behaviours (1988)
  • Kotter & Heskett’s Corporate Culture and Performance (1992)

We have combined this knowledge with our experience of organisational performance which includes:

  • 25 years supporting organisations at both the strategic and operational levels to understand why some are more successful that others
  • Over 20 years developing and refining criteria for organisational success for the Australian Business Excellence Framework and the Australian Quality Awards
  • Over 20 years assessing organisations across Australia using the Australian Business Excellence Framework and the Australian Quality Awards
  • An in depth understanding of equivalent business analysis methods in Japan (Baldgridge Award), Europe (European Quality Prize) and USA (US Quality  Prize)


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