Development Centres

Do you want to identify the development needs of people within your organisation?
Do you want to identify and/or develop individuals from within your organisation to move into key roles?

Development Centres involve a range of activities designed to critically review and recognise job relevant strengths and development needs. These activities can include combinations of ability and work style testing, interactive activities and discussions, interviews and observations.

These are then coordinated to provide the organisation with a wealth of data with which to assess individual staff potential and development needs.

ValueEdge will help you to arrange customised Development Centres that can be used at all levels within the organisation to assist:

  • employees achieve their full potential
  • employees gain greater job satisfaction
  • the organisation keep it’s good people by facilitating the identification of a career path;
  • optimise the value of the workforce
  • demonstrate a commitment by the organisation to its employees
  • create a wealth of information about employees that was never previously available.

The outcomes of Development Centres are invaluable when used as part of performance management, promotion or succession planning.