Coaching Programs

“…coaching increased performance by 88% compared with an increase (in performance) of 22.4% for training alone.” (Grant, 2001)


Best practice indicates that coaching programs conducted by skilled coaches aid in the integration of new skills and behaviours. Such programs are valuable, especially when implemented following attendance at training courses or after participation in development centres. Without coaching, training rapidly loses its effectiveness and often fails to achieve the lasting behavioural changes needed.

Stand alone coaching programs can be tailored to meet the specific developmental needs of personnel within an organisation. Coaching uses knowledge and experience to enable the person being coached to create and develop their own best practices, providing a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and enhanced team interaction.

The ValueEdge coaching team has channeled significant resources into developing this service offering.

Following in-depth research, our experienced organisational consultants have developed the ValueEdge framework to suit client workplace needs. We have developed a tool box of different techniques to support this process and our consultant psychologists are continually investigating the latest approaches to coaching. This helps to ensure quality outcomes for our clients, both at the individual level and across the wider organisation.

ValueEdge has experienced and skilled coaches who can help your staff achieve their potential whether they have just joined you or are looking to refine their skills to progress their career within the business.