How can being authentic lead to success?

Executive coaching and leadership development have consumed my working hours over the last couple of months.  While the struggles of people in leadership roles can be broad and exceedingly complex, they all seem to come back to one core element – the quality of their relationships with the people around them.

Whether leaders  are trying to influence their manager to allocate them a larger slice of budget pie; or attempting to rally peers in support of their cause; or more commonly, their own team who are resisting the challenge to board the change train, it all appears to come back to relationships and the level of trust present.

When forced to reflect on why something isn’t working or why an issue has arisen, all too often the conversation has come back to a lack of trust. If this is the case, then ‘How can leaders build the trust required to achieve success for their team and the business’?

The quickest and easiest way for a leader to build strong trusting working relationships is by being authentic.

The body of research on Authentic Leadership is rapidly growing thanks to the work of well-known researchers and authors such as Bill George.

To help simplify it, the below article provides a very quick snap shot into the main tenants of Authentic Leadership and offers some simple steps you can take to begin the journey of success through relationships.


Monique Killmore, Management Psychologist