Behavioural Interviewing

After you’ve completed an interview, do you ever wonder if you’re getting the best candidate for the job or just the candidate who’s best at interviewing?

Behavioural interviewing techniques can help you increase your chances of choosing the best candidate by increasing the validity of their responses.

Behavioural interviewing is a structured approach to interviewing based on the concept that past performance is the best predictor of future performance. When using this technique, candidates are asked to provide examples against each of the job criteria citing evidence of past behaviour.

It is important that all examples are recent, relevant and significant to further increase the validity of a candidate’s response.

Research shows that moving from unstructured interviews, to structured behavioural interviews, halves the risk of choosing the wrong applicant and as a result doubles the chances of choosing the right one!

Interviews are currently the most commonly used selection techniques within organisations. It is therefore crucial that your HR staff and your managers are using up to date and valid techniques such as behavioural interviewing.

At ValueEdge Consulting we can offer you support in developing behavioural interview questions and guides, assisting you in facilitating the interview process and running professional training sessions to enhance your staff’s interviewing skills.