Assessment Centres

The most logical approach to assessing someone’s suitability for a job is to give them some actual activities that relate to that job.

Assessment Centres are a tailored combination of tests and exercises, interviews, interactive activities, discussions and observed behaviours. All of these are used to assess someone’s capabilities according to the competencies required for the role.

An individual’s performances are then rated objectively and compared against the performance of others involved in the same activities.

Recognised research shows that Assessment Centres increase the probability of choosing the right person by 50% when compared to a standard interview.

Confidence and probability are increased because Assessment Centres have the benefit of assessing people’s performances using:

  • multiple assessments
  • multiple assessors
  • multiple techniques

Our range of assessments include Workstyle Preference, Personality, Motivational and Team Style questionnaires

Our customised Assessment Centres will provide you with a large amount of evidence of an individual’s capability to successfully meet the varied requirements of the specific role.

ValueEdge has extensive experience in designing and delivering tailored assessment centres to suit all needs.

We are well known in the market place for our innovative approach to designing Assessment Centres and our qualified and experienced organisational psychologists have broad experience in identifying the applicant that best meets your organisational needs.