Ability Tests

Selecting the right person for your organisation can be difficult and fraught with pitfalls. Ability tests are designed to assess the specific skills or aptitudes relevant to each position within your organisation.

These ability tests measure the capacity to perform a particular task or to acquire further knowledge and skills relevant to the task if there has been little previous exposure. These tests can give you insight into aspects of a candidate’s potential in a valid and unbiased way.

As part of our proven methodology, ValueEdge ensures that only the most objective, reliable and valid tools are used.

Our ValueEdge psychologists are registered to use and interpret a wide range of aptitude and ability tests including:

  • Verbal reasoning ability
  • Numerical reasoning ability
  • Abstract reasoning ability
  • Speed and accuracy ability
  • Diagrammatic reasoning ability
  • Spatial reasoning ability
  • Mechanical reasoning ability
  • Specific technical abilities
  • Specific IT abilities
  • Specific clerical abilities

Many of these tests are available online.

ValueEdge can develop tailored reports based on the results of these tests.   These reports provide results in a time-frame suited to your needs and in a manner that is easy for you to understand.

There are other assessment techniques that can help you to understand an applicant’s ability in more detail, but if you are looking for a relatively quick and effective tool, ValueEdge can help you source the right tests for the level and skills required by your employees.